About me

My name is Mike and I live near the coast in South Carolina. I’m a sports editor for two daily newspapers and I live with my wife, Brooke, and our two beautiful children, Dylan and Ella.

I recently moved here after 13 years in the Upstate. We try to keep things simple. We don’t see a lot of our good friends as much as we used to. But we try to stay in touch.

I love baseball, music, classic movies and reading. We don’t have cable or satellite television, so when I do get to watch, a lot of what I see is PBS. I listen to public radio or satellite radio, and I despise the majority of what’s on commercial radio now.

All that and I have a strange addiction to tomato juice.

Any questions?

One Response to “About me”

  1. Bobby Crowson Says:

    Hey, Mike! I was blundering around on the internet the other day and came across your blog. Tell me what you’ve been up to all these years since Lithonia! Seems I messed you up so badly that you went out and became a journalist! Lord, help you, son!

    Mr. C

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